Bali is awesome destination place for travel

Bali is the beautiful place for travel and is visited by people from different countries and take advantage of the beauty of this is. And it is more beautiful with natural beauty and there are lots of natural things also like rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs.

Bali is the Indonesian Island and also full of religious sites there are lots of religion related things like temple, stone and also meditation and yoga centre are also available.
People visit this place due to its exquisite place and scene. So many resorts and hotels are available in this place and also on good range.

Bali Evasion is one of the best that arrange your trip for Bali Indonesia and they help you to discover Bali and they arrange everything for you and make your Bali travel (voyage bali) awesome. Never forget this place and there facility also. We are happy to share with you our culture and traditional and also offer hotels with quality services and price exceptional. And you travel become unique and momentum.

Bali tour 1

We provide you hotels according to your choice and we don’t force you for any things and hotels services are better to serve services on time and quality works.

Bali tourism is also very unique because Bali Climate is awesome. This is main destination of tourist and airport name is Denpasar international Airport and this is 3rd no for in huge traffic because every year many people came for travel. There is number of resort and hotels.

According to your budgets hotels and resort are available for tourist and there is reasonable place. Bali cheap stay (séjour à bali pas cher) there are lots of place where you can stay and also it is cheap and you enjoy lots of natural things.

Famous hotel bali are: Kuta, Popular with surfers, Nusa Dua resort hotel 4stars Balinese isolated population, Jimbaran, which line up on the beach paradise over 100 restaurant of seafood with outdoor barbecues, legine, just north of kuta, quieter and more upscale, Sanur, quiet, family, on the north coast, Lovina Beach is the main resorts.

Travel Indonesia (voyage en Indonesia) for vacation and on special day and you really enjoyed your vacation. So come and enjoy our services and also Bali’s natural beauty.


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