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On this earth numerous destination has been generated with so sacredly that could not be imagined without ever seeing this with the naked eyes and having glanced a single moment through the constant and stable glaring which would be considered as the blessing of heavenly enjoyment that is never comparable with anything else ever more. When a tourist highly intended to have a chance for the adventure in Indonesia which one situated in the Southeast zone of the Africa continent which mysteriously generated with the thousands of the volcanoes islands and the home of the many ethnic groups that are speaking different languages and this nation has regarded as the world’s largest island country all throughout wherein the tourist could visit through their own eyes the outstanding natural scenes, beaches, coral reefs, sheltering elephants, orangutans, iconic rice paddy fields with dense greenly and terraced on the stairs designed on the mountain in viewing better impressive.

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By having contacted with the professional travel agency Indonesia (Agence de voyage Indonesia) the tourist would get the great chance to visit this magnificent nation in so effectively without any hurdle. in this fabulous country the tourist can have the best option for the magnificent trip to Bali(voyage à bali) which is one of the most famous Indonesian island wherein the international film festival Bali is held by the film authorities and here the tourist can have the best view on the coral reefs, beaches, iconic rice paddy fields, ritual sites for the Hinduism and Buddhism temples along with the yoga retreats.